BLM Fracking Rule Reinstated by Co...

BLM Fracking Rule Reinstated by Court of Appeals

he Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver today vacated a lower court ruling that found the U.S. Bureau of Land Management had exceeded its authority when it promulgated regulations of hydraulic fracturing on public lands.

130+ Organizations Demand A Just Ha...

130+ Organizations Demand A Just Harvey Relief Effort Without Subsidies for Fossil Fuel and Petrochemical Companies

Organizations in the Gulf and across the country released a joint statement today expressing solidarity with the thousands of Texans affected by Hurricane Harvey and demanding that recovery funds flow to frontline commun

Groups Launch Map Showing Groundswe...

Groups Launch Map Showing Groundswell of Resistance to New Fossil Fuel Projects

Today, a network of communities and groups working to stop new fossil fuel projects launched an interactive online mapping project highlighting these efforts in the U.S. The Fossil Fuel Resistance Mapping Project displays the scale of locally-led efforts against proposed pipelines, fracking wells, and other projects being proposed and constructed by the fossil fuel industry.

NAACP Stands Against Latest Attempt...

NAACP Stands Against Latest Attempts to Repeal the Affordable Care Act


The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), America?s original civil rights organization, released the following statement in response to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell?s announcement that the U.S. Senate will vote next week on the Graham-Cassidy bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which will take away health care coverage from millions of Americans:

More Than 1,600 Women Murdered by M...

More Than 1,600 Women Murdered by Men in One Year, New Study Finds

More than 1,600 women were murdered by men in 2015 and the most common weapon used was a gun, according to the new Violence Policy Center (VPC) study

Lawyers? Committee for Civil Rights...

Lawyers? Committee for Civil Rights Under Law Calls For Senate To Probe DOJ Connection

Kristen Clarke, president and executive director of the Lawyers? Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, released the following statement Thursday regarding the announcement that Attorney General Jeff Sessions will appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee next month for an oversight hearing.

Russia's Vladimir Putin says his ma...

Russia's Vladimir Putin says his marriage is over

Source: [b]BBC[/b] Russian President Vladimir Putin and his wife Lyudmila have said their marriage is over. The couple, who had been married for 30 years, made their divorce public on Russian state television after attending a ballet performance. "It was a joint decision, we hardly ...
Christie expected to name Lautenber...

Christie expected to name Lautenberg successor

Source: [b]News12 NJ[/b] New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie appears poised to name a temporary successor to the late U.S. Sen. Frank Lautenberg. The governor has scheduled a 1:30 p.m. news conference in Trenton. However, the announcement did not specify a topic. Lautenberg died Monday a...
George Zimmerman wants ‘inflammator...

George Zimmerman wants ‘inflammatory terms’ banned from trial

Source: [b]Yahoo News[/b] George Zimmerman wants ‘inflammatory terms’ banned from trial The Lookout By Jason Sickles, an arrives for a pretrial hearing on Thursday. (Joe Burbank/Getty) “Profiled” “Vigilante” “Self-appointed Neighborhood Watch Captain” “Wannabe cop” Suspec...
Swimming Champion, Movie Star Esthe...

Swimming Champion, Movie Star Esther Williams Dies

Source: [b]ABC News[/b] By BOB THOMAS Associated Press LOS ANGELES June 6, 2013 (AP) Esther Williams, the swimming champion turned actress who starred in glittering and aquatic Technicolor musicals of the 1940s and 1950s, has died. She was 91. Williams's died early Thursday in h...
Syria Hails Qusair Capture as Fores...

Syria Hails Qusair Capture as Foreshadowing Rebel Defeat

Source: [b]Bloomberg[/b] The Syrian governmment’s capture of al-Qusair is a “strategic turning point” marking the beginning of the end for the armed opposition, Syria’s premier said, as the army promised mercy for surrendering rebels. Retaking the city opens the door “for successive vi...
Lindsey Graham ‘glad’ NSA collectin...

Lindsey Graham ‘glad’ NSA collecting phone records

Source: [b]Yahoo News[/b] Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said on Thursday morning he's "glad" the National Security Agency is secretly collecting millions of telephone records from Americans in an effort to track down terrorism suspects. “We are very much under threat," Graham said on "F...


Jimmy Kimmel Again Becoming Major D...

Jimmy Kimmel Again Becoming Major Defender Of Preserving Obamacare

If the latest Republican effort to strip people of their healthcare coverage fails, I Jimmy Kimmel just might become the front runner for the 2020 Democratic nomination. Jimmy Kimmel has once again been speaking out against the Republican efforts. First he had this monologue two nights ago: Kimmel showed how Bill Cassedy was lying about […]
The Anti-Russia Hysteria Continues ...

The Anti-Russia Hysteria Continues To Defy All Logic

Clinton apologists and other pro-war Democrats are excited today by the report from the Daily Beast that Russians used Facebook to promote pro-Trump rallies in seventeen cities. Do they really believe that these rallies tipped the election results? These were trivial compared to the crowds turning out for official pro-Trump rallies. What hurt Clinton was […]
Peter Daou Shows A Strange Form Of ...

Peter Daou Shows A Strange Form Of Integrity In His Promotion Of Russia Conspiracy Theories

Peter Daou has often shown that no statement, regardless of how demonstrably false, is beyond him in his efforts to white wash Hillary Clinton. This one was good for a laugh. He starts out quoting Robert Mueller: “As the saying goes, if you have integrity, nothing else matters, and if you do not have integrity, […]
Best Political Jokes From The 2017 ...

Best Political Jokes From The 2017 Emmy Awards

Donald Trump’s name came up so many times during last night Emmy Awards that a casual viewer might have thought that Trump was up for an award. As Stephen Colbert said in his opening monologue, many of the shows were influenced by Donald Trump: But if we?re honest with ourselves as artists ? and we […]
SciFi Weekend: The Orville; Star Tr...

SciFi Weekend: The Orville; Star Trek Discovery; The Magicians; Saving Dark Matter; Legends of Tomorrow; Game of Thrones; Doctor Who

I probably agree with most of the criticism of The Orville. Although flawed, as a long time Star Trek fan (as Seth MacFarlane is), I intend to give the show longer. The pilot did rely too much on jokes about the Captain and first officer’s divorce, but there were some other amusing moments. The episode […]
Reading ?What Happened? So You Do N...

Reading ?What Happened? So You Do Not Have To

Reading Hillary Clinton’s memoir, What Happened, is like reading a memoir from Jesse James which makes no admission that he ever robbed a bank. She talked about trivial matters from her life, repeated her excuses blaming everyone else for her loss, and gave virtually no recognition of her dishonest actions and lifelong opposition to liberal […]


Sanders Foreign Policy Speech at We...

Sanders Foreign Policy Speech at Westminster College

One of the reasons I accepted the invitation to speak here is that I strongly believe that not only do we need to begin a more vigorous debate about foreign policy, we also need to broaden our understanding of what foreign policy is.
Nuclear Plants Plus Hurricanes: Dis...

Nuclear Plants Plus Hurricanes: Disasters Waiting to Happen

Harvey and Irma threatened six reactors with catastrophic failure, and all of us with apocalyptic disaster.
The killing of history

The killing of history

The cynical fabrication of "false flags" that led to the invasion of Vietnam is a matter of record -- the Gulf of Tonkin "incident" in 1964, which The Vietnam War director Ken Burns promotes as true, was just one. The lies litter a multitude of official documents, notably the Pentagon Papers, which the great whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg released in 1971.
Capitalism: The Nightmare

Capitalism: The Nightmare

As Bernie Sanders said repeatedly on the campaign trail in 2016, the top 10th of the upper 1 percent in the U.S. has nearly as much wealth as the nation's bottom 90 percent. Seven heirs of the Walton family's Walmart fortune have among them a net worth equal to that of the nation's poorest 40 percent. Half the U.S. population is poor or near-poor, and half lacks any savings.
Russian special forces repel a US-p...

Russian special forces repel a US-planned attack in Syria, denounce the USA and issue a stark warning

I hope that eventually the Americans will do what they did in al-Taif and simply pack, declare victory and leave. That would be the only rational thing to do. But after listening to Trump at the UN I don't get the feeling that being rational is at the top of the US priority list. That's all rather frightening.
If You Don't Have Good Health Care,...

If You Don't Have Good Health Care, Neither Should Your Rep

Every year that the U.S. Congress fails to provide health coverage for every American family, the members should get their pay docked by a third. Pay them only when they deliver for the people. When Congress finally assures good health care for all of us, then its members would get the same coverage. But until they deliver for the whole public, the public owes them nothing.

ICE stalked and tried to arrest a L...

ICE stalked and tried to arrest a Latino U.S. citizen they thought was undocumented

Hey, remember how decent people warned that Donald Trump?s presidential pardon of the lawless, criminal, and very racist Joe Arpaio would only give the green light to others in power to continue the scourge of racial profiling? Here?s The Oregonian:

Federal agents mistook a longtime Washington County employee for an [undocumented] immigrant just as a nearby demonstration against arrests of undocumented immigrants ended at the courthouse in Hillsboro.

The mistake rattled Isidro Andrade-Tafolla, a married father of three children who lives in Forest Grove and has worked as a road maintenance worker for the county for nearly 20 years.

"It was frightening, disturbing, humiliating and I'm still trying to process being stopped because of my color and my race," he said Tuesday.

Andrade-Tafolla was leaving a court hearing with his wife when two people in plain clothes approached him to demand his name and identification, but refused to identify themselves. Andrade-Tafolla, who is Latino and a United States citizen, later recalled that both had been seated near them inside the courtroom:

"They never identified themselves even when my wife and I kept asking who they were and why they wanted my information," said Andrade-Tafolla, 46.

"I gave them my name. They said they had a picture of me, that I wasn't here legally and when they showed my wife and I the picture, there was no resemblance except we were both Hispanic." The woman in the van had the photo on her cellphone.

According to Andrade-Tafolla, several more unmarked cars pulled up?all to try and detain one person, but remember, there?s no money for Head Start?with those agents also refusing to verbally ID themselves.

Manafort used US law firm to justif...

Manafort used US law firm to justify political persecution in Ukraine

On Wednesday, the Washington Post reported that Trump Campaign Chair Paul Manafort offered to give a ?private briefing? on the state of the campaign to Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska.

?If he needs private briefings we can accommodate,? Manafort wrote in the July 7, 2016, email, portions of which were read to The Washington Post along with other Manafort correspondence from that time.

A spokesperson for Deripaska has denied that any briefing took place. But if it did, it certainly wouldn?t be the first time Manafort exchanged notes with the Russian aluminum king. After all, Deripaska was the sugar daddy to many of Manafort?s activities in Eastern Europe. And more than a decade ago, Manafort offered to provide the oligarch with very special information.

Manafort told Deripaska in 2005 that he was pushing policies as part of his work in Ukraine ?at the highest levels of the U.S. government ? the White House, Capitol Hill and the State Department,? according to the documents. He also said he had hired a ?leading international law firm with close ties to President Bush to support our client?s interests,? but he did not identify the firm. 

According to the New York Times, we now know the name of that law firm.

The Justice Department, according to two people with direct knowledge of the situation, recently asked the firm, Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, for information and documents related to its work on behalf of Mr. Yanukovych?s government, which crumbled after he fled to Russia under pressure.

And one of the things that law firm did for Manafort, was justify political prosecutions in Ukraine.

Border Patrol arrests of undocument...

Border Patrol arrests of undocumented parents rushing baby to surgery 'violates human decency'

According to a report from NPR, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents skirted their own ?sensitive locations? policy?which dictates that areas like medical facilities are generally off-limits excluding ?exigent circumstances??in the arrests of an undocumented couple who were rushing their two-month-old baby to a hospital for an emergency, lifesaving procedure. 

Initially, Oscar and Irma Sanchez, who have three other U.S. citizen kids, were told that their local hospital wasn?t equipped to do the surgery, and that they would need to take Isaac to Driscoll Children's Hospital in Corpus Christi. But that meant the undocumented parents would have to go through a Border Patrol checkpoint. As they were trying to figure out how they could get their baby to Corpus Christi to save his life, ?a Border Patrol agent showed up in the waiting room ? perhaps tipped off by a nurse?:

The agent said that the family could be escorted through the checkpoint, but that they would be arrested upon their arrival in Corpus Christi ? an arrangement that they agreed to, because it would get their son the surgery.

The Border Patrol followed the ambulance, the night of May 24, as it raced to Corpus through desolate ranchland, carrying Oscar, Irma and tiny Isaac ? with an IV in his arm and a tube in his stomach. Once they arrived at Driscoll Children's Hospital, the green-uniformed agents never left the undocumented couple's side. Officers followed the father to the bathroom and the cafeteria and asked the mother to leave the door open when she breast-fed Isaac.

This is your tax dollars at work. "Everywhere we went in the hospital," Oscar said, "they followed us."

CBP claimed to NPR that they were nice enough to always leave ?one parent with the baby at all times? while they took the other off-site to fingerprint, book, and expose to possible deportation. At one point, Oscar says, he asked the hospital if they could delay Isaac?s surgery for just a short time until both parents were back onsite. The doctor agreed, and Isaac?s procedure was, thankfully, a success.

CBP claims they didn?t violate their ?sensitive locations? policy because no arrests were made at the hospital, despite the fact they were treating a breastfeeding mother and her child no different than they would someone who actually did pose a danger. Neither parents have criminal records. And, there?s no answer yet from Driscoll Children's Hospital if and why a member of their medical staff is moonlighting as a federal immigration agent. 

Mueller requested phone records on ...

Mueller requested phone records on disastrous Air Force One statement about Don Jr.-Kremlin meeting

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has become keenly interested in many White House episodes in which Donald Trump played a central role, not least of which was the crafting of an initial statement about the meeting between Don Jr., Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort, and a Kremlin-linked lawyer. That statement?which disintegrated over a period of days under the weight of further reporting?was reportedly dictated by Trump from Air Force One, which has piqued Mueller?s interest. Politico writes:

Special counsel Robert Mueller has sought phone records concerning the statement written aboard Air Force One defending a meeting between Trump campaign officials and Russians at Trump Tower last year that was set up by Donald Trump Jr., according to two people familiar with the investigation. [...]

The statement about the Trump Tower meeting, written on the return from a European summit earlier this year, touched off a frenzy inside the White House, with dozens of phone calls from Air Force One and back in Washington and New York.

A few other things capturing Mueller interest include Trump's bizarre Oval Office meeting with Russian officials and the firing of both Mike Flynn and James Comey.

Investigators are particularly interested in what happened inside the White House after former deputy attorney general Sally Yates told White House lawyer Don McGahn of the Flynn meeting with Russians. Flynn was said to have misled Vice President Mike Pence about his contacts with Russian officials during the presidential transition.

What Mueller?s team undoubtedly knows at this point is Yates? full accounting of those back-to-back meetings in which she informed McGahn that Flynn had been lying and might be compromised. We don?t know all of what transpired in those meetings because Yates wasn?t at liberty to say during her Congressional hearing, but Mueller sure wants to know how that information settled into the West Wing because it took another two weeks before Flynn was finally ousted from his sensitive national security adviser post.

Oh, and in case you missed it, Spicey and his penchant for taking meticulous notes may wind up being a gift to Mueller. If he was as prolific as Axios reporting suggests, his notes could provide a window into White House atmospherics at many of these critical junctures.

Study shows how TrumpCare destroys ...

Study shows how TrumpCare destroys both the ACA and Medicaid with decreased funds, decreased care

The Kaiser Family Foundation has provided an estimate of funding changes under the latest attempt at TrumpCare under the Republican Graham?Cassidy Bill. Their numbers confirm how this bill hurts everyone, with overall drop of $107 billion less made available through the Republican ?block grants? than is now provided through the ACA. But even that doesn?t capture the way this is really being used as a carrot to red states and a big stick to blue states.

There would be a significant redistribution in federal funding across states under the block grant. Overall expansion states would lose $180 billion for ACA coverage and non-expansion states would gain $73 billion over the 2020-2026 period. A typical Medicaid expansion state would see an 11% reduction in federal funds for coverage compared to an increase of 12% in a typical non-expansion state.

States that attempted to do the right thing will be punished. States that deliberately denied help to their own people will be rewarded.

But that?s not all. A third of the drop in federal funds comes from putting a cap on Medicaid payments. Those caps get more damaging over time, and they don?t just affect extended Medicaid.

Almost all states face a potential loss of federal funds for their traditional Medicaid programs under the per enrollee cap; thus, the per enrollee cap offsets some or all of the gains some states may realize under the block grant and further cuts federal spending in states that may see a loss under the block grant.

Republicans can sell the idea that in the short term they stole money from Nancy Pelosi and Bill de Blasio to shower on their home state. But the truth is they?re robbing from everyone?including the poor in their own state.

BAD NEWS: Zombie Trumpcare is back. GOOD NEWS? If we stop (or delay this) past September 30, we win. Call your senators at (202) 224-3121 and tell them YOU ARE WATCHING! (After you call, please tell us how it went.)

Black employees working in Trump's ...

Black employees working in Trump's hotel in Washington sue for racial discrimination

Donald Trump has claimed to love ?the blacks? over and over again. During the 2016 presidential campaign, he famously asked what blacks had to lose by voting for him. A great many of us (especially black women) predicted that blacks stood to lose a lot by Trump being in office?hence our not voting for him. But we are also now learning that blacks have a lot to lose just by working for Trump. In a new lawsuit filed this week in Washington, D.C., three black employees claim that they were discriminated against in their work for BLT Prime, the steakhouse in the Trump International Hotel. 

In a civil complaint filed Wednesday morning in D.C. Superior Court, [Dominque Hill], a former BLT employee, and [Irving Smith, Jr.], a current one, allege that the Trump Organization and hotel managing director Mickael Damelincourt saw to it that the restaurant routinely steered black employees to less lucrative shifts and subjected them to discriminatory behavior by other staff and by guests. The two men are joined in the case by another former BLT employee, JaNette Sturdivant.

Why is this not surprising? Trump has a long history of anti-black racism. From his calls for the death penalty for the Central Park Five to being sued for housing bias and discrimination, his actions have long proven that he believes that blacks are, in every way, inferior to whites. While Trump clearly doesn?t oversee the day-to-day operations of the hotel, we should not have any doubt that he has put in place a team of equally bigoted and racist employees who have little respect for blacks and other people of color. After all, we?ve seen who he?s brought to work for him in the White House. 

?They started hiring all these people and instead of putting them on day shifts they was giving them night shifts and keeping us on day shift. Next thing I know, within the month all the black people were on the day shift,? [Smith said]. [...]

After the election, Smith claimed one of his co-workers began making racist statements to him and that Smith?s complaints to management fell on deaf ears.

?He used to say ?This is white America time, you need to get used to it, and if you don?t get used to it you should go work somewhere else,? ? he alleged.

Solidarity with Linksunten Indymedi...

Solidarity with Linksunten Indymedia, the main independent media website in Germany, was banned by the German government's Ministry of Interior on August 25. Maintaining the website and using its logo are now considered criminal offenses in the country. Linksunten volunteers are being prosecuted as a "club," which means that administrators are considered responsible for everything that has been published. Administrators are also being accused of being members of a terrorist association.

Coordination des Groupes Anarchistes writes: This represents a new step in the repression of our activities and ideas in Europe. The last time something of this significance occurred was in 1995, when the German central power banned the newspaper "Radikal", which sparked many demonstrations all over the country, especially in Hamburg. In France, even though some music bands and anti-authoritarian information websites have been threatened for their lyrics or articles, we have never experienced such brutal repression against our means of expression and communication. This attack against a radical and anti-authoritarian information platform should remind us of the need to pay special attention to the defense of our means of communication in front of State repression.

Germany Indymedia is collecting donations in support of Linksunten Indymedia.

Not in Germany, Not Anywhere Else: Repression Can?t Silence Us! | Call for Donations and Demonstrations in Support of Linksunten Indymedia

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Linksunten Indymedia Declares ?We W...

Linksunten Indymedia Declares ?We Will Be Back Soon?

On August 25, the German government raided and shut down Linksunten Indymedia, an integral part of the global Independent Media Center network, and the most widely used German-language platform for radical politics and organizing. In Freiburg, riot police seized computers and harassed those they accuse of maintaining the site, justifying their actions on the grounds that the alleged administrators constitute an illegal organization intent on destroying the German Constitution. This represents a massive escalation in state repression against what the authorities call ?left-wing extremism,? disingenuously suggesting an equivalence between those who seek to build communities beyond the reach of state violence and Neo-Nazis organizing to carry out attacks and murders.

In the last couple of years, more and more attention has accumulated around Linksunten Indymedia, which offers a space for people to post anonymously. Before the 2017 G20 summit took place in Hamburg, the corporate media was already focusing on the site, declaring it to be the coordination page of militant anti-G20 protestors. The far-right nationalist party Alternative for Germany (Alternative für Deutschland, or AfD) started a campaign against the platform, pushing inquiries about Indymedia in Federal parliament and trying to force local governments to ban the platform and other forms of radical infrastructure.

The heavy-handed approach of shutting down the website and raiding alleged administrators shows how afraid the authorities are that radical ideas are spreading and becoming contagious following the successful demonstrations against the G20 summit in July. German Federal Minister of the Interior Thomas de Maizière made it clear enough in his press conference that the assault on Indymedia is a form of revenge for the embarrassment the state suffered during the summit. It also shows how dishonest far-right and statist rhetoric is about free speech ? in fact, these hypocrites only use that discourse to position themselves to suppress others? speech.

In response, Linksunten Indymedia released a statement the next day on their banned website declaring, ?We will be back soon.? It shows that the media activists still have control over their website, and could be the beginning of a huge Streisand effect. Solidarity demonstrations are taking place across Germany.

(Note: Since Linksunten Indymedia is now banned by the German government, you may want to use Tor or a VPN connection before you visit the website:

Read More (Translations: Spanish | Portuguese) | Indymedia Linksunten Shut Down | Germany: Federal Interior Ministry Bans Linksunten Indymedia | Linksunten Indymedia Announces ?We Will Be Back Soon?

See Also: Solidarity with Indymedia Linksunten | Prohibition is An Attack on the Entire Left | Alemania censura la web Indymedia

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Indonesian police use Shootings, ki...

Indonesian police use Shootings, killings, beatings, arrests on West Papuan independence rallies

Indonesian police have opened fire on peaceful protesters in Jayapura, with at least four gunshot wounds and one death. West Papuan activists and families have been forced to flee to the jungle for safety. Indonesian security forces are conducting scores of raids, sweeps and offensives against West Papuan civilians. The attacks are happening during the visit of National Police Chief General Sutarman with over 200 people arrested across West Papua. Journalists have also been attacked by Indonesian police according to Amnesty International...Read more at San Fransisco Bay Area Indymedia. The Indonesian Police chief says any plans to free Papua from Indonesia won't be tolerated, including Flag raising ceremonies on the West Papuan national Day, December 1st.

Calls for Independence by West Papuans have been made since the sham "Act of Free Choice in 1969". They have suffered a neglected genocide at the hands of the Indonesian military (2004) with continued Repression (2007). Thousands of Papuans took to the streets in 2010 and in 2011 rejecting special autonomy, demanding a referendum on independence. Indonesia plans to build 1,500 km of new roads in the next two years to accelerate ?development', increase military presence, and open up more illegal logging. Three Papuans highlighted the human rights abuses at the APEC meeting in Bali this year by scaling the Australian Consulate?s fence in the dead of night and hand-delivering a personal plea to open the Indonesian province to world scrutiny.

A new academic law and human rights report A slow-motion genocide: Indonesian rule in West Papua (PDF), details the extent of the genocide and abuse of human rights. (Review by Greenleft) Activists have called for Australia to End pragmatic complicity in West Papua in response to comments by new conservative Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Imprisoned Papuan leader Selpius Bobii also responded saying, "We Live In Terror, Mr Abbott".

Related: Waging Nonviolence: Flotilla unsettles Indonesia?s occupation of West Papua | West Papuan National Day Goes Global | West Papuans to join commemoration of Eureka Rebellion in Ballarat
More Information: West Papua media Alerts | Freedom Flotilla

Civil Society stages mass walkout p...

Civil Society stages mass walkout protest from Warsaw Climate change negotiations

Civil society organisations abandoned the COP19 climate change negotiations in Warsaw on mass. Members from Greenpeace, Oxfam, WWF, Actionaid, Friends of the Earth, the International Trade Union Confederation (statement) and all started leaving the conference at 2pm. This is an unprecedented action, the first time several major civil society groups have staged a mass walkout.

Friends of the Earth International highlighted that the Warsaw Climate Change negotiations were failing, with Tension high in Warsaw talks as G77+China walk out. The role of Australia and reduced ambition of Japan  have been widely mentioned. Australia and Canada are seen as the major wreckers, but there has been substantial intransigence from much of the developed world to progressing the negotiations forward on finance, ambition, and a loss and damage mechanism. Poland's Coal Summit has shown the fossil fuel corporatism entwined in this COP with widespread dismay at the coal powered negotiations of COP19 and at UNFCCC official Christiania Figueres who gave the keynote speech at the coal summit 

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Analysis: The Warsaw walkout and the Climate Movement

Canadians and Australians protest c...

Canadians and Australians protest climate wrecking policies and pipelines

The weekend of 16th and 17th November saw tens of thousands of people in Canada and Australia out in the streets in over 260 protests against the climate policies of these countries. Australia and Canada are seen as the major wreckers in Warsaw at COP19.

The Saturday protests in Canada occurred from coast to coast to Repulse Bay, Nunavut on the Arctic circle, more than 10,000 people gathered in over 180 events co-ordinated by Defend our Climate. Many protests focussed on stopping further expansion of the Alberta tar sands and pipelines to move the bitumenous oil south to Texas, east through Ontario and Quebec, and west through British Columbia. On Sunday, more than 60,000 people attended climate protests across Australia, protesting the attempt to repeal carbon pricing and clean energy programs by the conservative Government lead by Prime Minister Tony Abbott, elected on 7 September this year, who denied any link between climate change and bushfires as unusually early and intense bushfires raged around Sydney.

Civil Society NGO and local Polish activists also staged a Climate Justice march in Warsaw in association with the COP19 climate change negotiations taking place. Super Typhoon Haiyan set the initial mood at the negotiations with Philippines negotiator Naderev Saño (Yeb Saño) saying "time to take action. We need an emergency climate pathway". There is widespread dismay at the coal powered negotiations in Warsaw with Japan and Australia being particularly singled out.

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Typhoon Haiyan causes death and dev...

Typhoon Haiyan causes death and devastation in the Philippines

On November 8 Super Typhoon Haiyan made landfall over Guiuan, Eastern Sama province in the Philippines, destroying coastal communities with ferocious winds and a storm surge of 6-7 metres (up to 20 feet). According to Dr Jeff Masters "Haiyan had winds of 190 - 195 mph (315 km/h) at landfall, making it the strongest tropical cyclone on record to make landfall in world history."

Authorities of Tacloban City with a population of 220,000 and capital of Leyte province, gave an early estimate that perhaps 10,000 people died from this one city. Many people were surprised by the huge storm surge tidal waves that inundated much of the city. Many smaller coastal villages were also devastated with most buildings destroyed or suffering severe damage. According to the UN Reliefweb report on 14 November the number of affected people has increased to 11.8 million. The official death count from Typhoon Haiyan is currently 4,460 but with numbers still increasing. There were 921,200 people displaced and 243,600 houses destroyed. A total of 2.5 million people are in need of food assistance.

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Non-corporate Typhoon Haiyan Relief Efforts: Waves for Water | Haiyan NYC Relief Project | Doctors without Borders | Oxfam International


Trump Slaps Sanctions on N. Korea, ...

Trump Slaps Sanctions on N. Korea, Seeks 'Denuclearization'

President Donald Trump announced Thursday that he had signed an executive order authorizing additional sanctions against North Korea.
They're Still Drawing Crazy-Looking...

They're Still Drawing Crazy-Looking Districts. Can't It Be Stopped?

Precise redistricting has allowed lawmakers to pick their voters. But the resulting maps have attracted lawsuits ? and finally the consideration of the court.
GOP Senate Candidate Wraps Himself ...

GOP Senate Candidate Wraps Himself in Trump at Debate

Roy Moore and Luther Strange competed for Trump voters in the first and only debate of the special election to fill Jeff Session's old Alabama's Senate seat.
Kim Jong Un Calls Trump 'a Frighte...

Kim Jong Un Calls Trump 'a Frightened Dog' and 'Dotard'

The isolated leader of North Korea also called U.S. President Donald Trump a "gangster fond of playing with fire" in an official yet fiery statement on Thursday.
NBC/WSJ Poll: Americans Pessimistic...

NBC/WSJ Poll: Americans Pessimistic on Race Relations

Seven-in-10 Americans view race relations in the United States as poor, a new poll from NBC News and The Wall Street Journal shows.
Zuckerberg Shares Facebook's 'Next ...

Zuckerberg Shares Facebook's 'Next Steps' in Election Probe

Facebook will hand over suspected Russian-linked election ads to Congress, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said on Thursday.


Kim Jong Un slams President Trump, ...

Kim Jong Un slams President Trump, who vowed at the UN to 'totally destroy' North Korea if necessary

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un says President Donald Trump's remarks to the United Nations threatening the hermit country reflect "mentally deranged behavior," according to a statement released by North Korea's news agency, KCNA.
North Korea sanctions: Here's what ...

North Korea sanctions: Here's what Trump did

Kim Jong Un: Trump will pay dearly ...

Kim Jong Un: Trump will pay dearly for speech

North Korea's Kim Jong Un has responded to President Trump's United Nations speech. CNN's Athena Jones reports.
Trump sanctions target North Korea'...

Trump sanctions target North Korea's few friends

President Donald Trump announced a new set of sanctions on North Korea Thursday, saying the executive action would target individuals and companies that engage in finance and trade with the isolated communist nation.
Trump blames Clintons for North Kor...

Trump blames Clintons for North Korea nuke crisis

President Donald Trump on Wednesday blamed his former campaign rival, Hillary Clinton, and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, for the North Korean nuclear crisis.
North Korea's illicit money-making ...

North Korea's illicit money-making businesses

CNN's Brian Todd reports on some of North Korea's operations that could still bring in money for the country despite new sanctions.

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