PHOTOS: damage from Sunday's storms

PHOTOS: damage from Sunday's storms

An apartment building has partially collapsed in southwest Houston, possible due to a tornado. That's just one of the areas hard hit by Sunday's storms
Kent Bazemore replaces Kyle Korver ...

Kent Bazemore replaces Kyle Korver in Hawks' Game 3 starting lineup

Hawks guard Kent Bazemore will start in place of the injured Kyle Korver in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference finals Sunday night against the Cleveland Cavaliers.
Two dead in early-morning house fir...

Two dead in early-morning house fire in La Porte

Two people are dead following an early morning house fire in La Porte.
Roger Staubach says he wouldn't wan...

Roger Staubach says he wouldn't want Greg Hardy on his team

Greg Hardy wouldn't be on the Dallas Cowboys if Hall of Famer Roger Staubach were making the call.
Cleveland 'a Model' for Handling of...

Cleveland 'a Model' for Handling of Cop's Acquittal: Ohio Gov

Michael Brelo acquitted in shooting deaths of Timothy Russell, Malissa Williams.
LeBron James: 'Violence is not the ...

LeBron James: 'Violence is not the answer'

LeBron James addressed more than just basketball after practice Saturday, discussing another case garnering national interest involving a white police officer taking the life of black citizens.


3 consultants who've been there wei...

3 consultants who've been there weigh in on crisis communications

It was business as usual for Blue Bell Creameries, until it wasn't. Something could happen to your company at any moment, and even with the upmost care and prevention, a crisis could strike. Thankfully, there are plenty of consultants, representatives and public relations experts who know how to handle everything from a recall to an oil spill. We found the best of the business and asked them their Tweetable advice summed up in 140 characters or less. A crisis has happened at your company, now what? ?Don?t?
Top Houston energy CEOs will take y...

Top Houston energy CEOs will take your questions June 18

Whether you're in the energy industry or not, a lot of Houston businesses have a lot riding on how well it does. And right now, concerns are high. Should you keep hiring or hit the brakes? Do you move forward on capital expenditures or postpone? Is this the right time to consider M&A? Got Energy? Sign up for our Energy Inc. newsletter here The four energy experts we've lined up for our June 18 Energy Conversation may not be able to answer all your questions but they can shed valuable light?
Exclusive: Energy tech company rais...

Exclusive: Energy tech company raises $1.1 million, eyes overseas expansion

Houston-based Innowatts LLC is fresh off a $1.1 million raise, which closed in April, and now it's ready to expand abroad. The company uses smart meters planted inside homes by utility companies to track usage data. Based off that usage data, Innowatts then recommends a different, low-cost energy plan. "Seventy percent of energy consumers are subsidizing 30 percent of the high-use energy users," Siddhartha Sachdeva, CEO and founder of Innowatts, told the HBJ. "The way utilities go about managing?
New brewery to open in north Housto...

New brewery to open in north Houston

Houston craft beer lovers will soon have another local brewery to try out. Spindle Tap Brewery LLC, which does business as SpindleTap Brewery, plans to open a new tavern and brewery in September, co-founder Cameron Banks told the Houston Business Journal. Start your day with Houston Business Journal news in your inbox. Sign up for Morning Edition here. The brewery will be located on part of a 70,000-square-foot warehouse at 10622 Hirsch Road, which is also the headquarters of Houston-based?
What makes Houston so attractive (a...

What makes Houston so attractive (and ugly) for on-demand delivery

Houston's seen plenty of on-demand delivery services in the last year, starting with grocery-delivery company Instacart, to courier services, to alcohol on-demand. The concepts are pretty straight-forward. Users can order something, be it groceries, beer or documents, via their smartphone, tablet or Web browser. In a short amount of time, that service or product is delivered to you if you're within the company's delivery range. Costs might be slightly higher to compensate the driver, but these services?
Op-ed: New Post Oak bus lanes will ...

Op-ed: New Post Oak bus lanes will bring down Uptown

It appears that the Uptown TIRZ (Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone), Metro and the city of Houston are all hell bent for leather to build the Guide Way, dedicated bus lanes up the middle of a 24-foot widened Post Oak Boulevard, supposedly to alleviate Galleria traffic congestion. I do not believe that this will solve any problem faced by Uptown office tenants or Post Oak retailers/restaurateurs. This project will lead to the decimation of the area as larger tenants vacate the Galleria as their leases?

Chron sports

Stephen Curry puts dark cloud o...

Stephen Curry puts dark cloud over Houston’s dreams

Discarded Rockets trash was everywhere. Left-behind red No. 1 foam fingers. Dropped free T-shirts. The resiliency, fight and hope that had carried the team all season, through maddening injuries and from a 3-1 playoff hole just two weeks ago. Standing on top of the trash, MVP runner-up James Harden, the Western Conference finals and everything the Rockets had fought for all year: Stephen Curry. He?s No. 30. He?s just 27-years-old. He?s the best shooter the NBA has ever seen and the reason the Golden State Warriors have a 3-0 chokehold in the series and are just one win away from the league?s ultimate finals. Curry was marvelous in Game 1 [...]
Rockets’ situation epitom...

Rockets’ situation epitomizes ‘win or go home’ cliché

The Rockets are down to the oldest, most desperate of clichés: Win one game or go home. But even a single victory, Rockets guard Jason Terry said in the wake of Houston?s Game 3 blowout loss, is a challenge for this team at this time. The Rockets face more elemental challenges, he said, if they hope to contend in Game 4 on Monday night. ?We?ve got to win one possession, one quarter, even,? Terry said. ?We can?t even worry about winning a whole ballgame at this point. ?They had another great first quarter. They got off to an outstanding start, 30 points in the first quarter. That?s two games in [...]
Harden’s heroics nowhere ...

Harden’s heroics nowhere to be found in ugly Game 3 loss

This time, Harden wasn?t on his knees on the floor, his head wasn?t in his hands, he wasn?t crushed by thoughts of what might have been. Instead, he was on the bench, his warmups on, the towel thrown in. The Rockets guard, who was close to winning Game 2 in Oakland just days ago, was facing a new type of disappointment. Harden and the Rockets had their first off night of the Western Conference Finals on Saturday night. Instead of having a chance to be their hero, Harden was on the bench for the entire fourth quarter watching his team fall to the Warriors 115-80 and fall to 0-3 in [...]
Warriors put Rockets on brink o...

Warriors put Rockets on brink of elimination after Game 3 blowout

Stephen Curry turned to the Toyota Center crowd in the corner of the court and stood there, forcing them to let it all sink in, as unable to retort as the Rockets. Curry had chased down the loose ball after a Dwight Howard blocked shot and quick-twitched his 3 from so far out he could have been playing HORSE. He held his position there to give the crowd a good, long look, then pounded his chest and punched the air like Muhammad Ali towering over a fallen and beaten Sonny Liston, his triumph over the Rockets every bit as certain. The Warriors had pounded the Rockets until there was little [...]
Rookie Lance McCullers on first...

Rookie Lance McCullers on first major-league victory: ‘Just special’

DETROIT ? Baseball reporters sometimes need to wait few minutes outside clubhouse doors as players make their way in after a game, before interviews get underway. There was something wild going on Saturday behind those doors following a 3-2 Astros win over the Tigers at Comerica Park, because the hollers were super loud and the hoots even louder at a Club Astros special celebration. ?This is a traveling disco,? one person joked. It was all centered on righthander Lance McCullers, the 21-year-old rookie who took his first major league win after throwing 100 pitches for the first time in his pro career on Saturday, the last a strikeout looking with [...]
A little etiquette goes a long way...

A little etiquette goes a long way at boat ramp

Texas boaters tormented by frustrations regularly faced at crowded (and not-so-crowded) boat launches got a bit of encouraging news this past week when Ford Motor Company announced a new option will be available on its 2016 F-150 trucks: Pro Trailer Backup Assist, a feature that ties together the truck's rear camera, sensors, electronic steering system and computer, allowing the vehicle to self-back a trailer. A driver in a truck equipped with the new system won't have to even touch the steering wheel to back a trailer- just engage the system, watch the camera screen on the dashboard and use an adjacent knob to guide the trailer. With Memorial Day Weekend marking the unofficial start of "boating season" across Texas, here are some suggestions offered to make things go much smoother at busy ramps: [...] it's common, especially early in the boating season when folks are taking their vessels out for the first time in months, to encounter boaters who back their trailered boat down a ramp, hit the key and find the battery dead or the engine won't start. Backing a trailer down a ramp, stopping, then spending 10 minutes loading the boat is a sure way to get dirty looks, a few harsh words and maybe worse. Before approaching the ramp to back down and launch, stop in the parking area or in the line of boats waiting to launch, transfer gear - fishing tackle, ice chests, etc. - to the boat, put the drain plug in, remove the tie-down straps, put the drain plug in, check life jackets and other safety gear, put the drain plug in and otherwise prep the boat so that it's ready to be launched. Back down the ramp, get the boat on the trailer, then move to the parking lot to unload gear, install the tie-down straps, pull the drain plug and otherwise prepare the boat for the trip home. If you know how to back your boat trailer and the person (spouse or friend) with you doesn't, back the rig to the water's edge where all the ot


Crusade over shoddy drug tests

Crusade over shoddy drug tests

Review one lawyer's fight vs. Harris County probation officials.

Man killed as he lays on Montgomer...

Man killed as he lays on Montgomery County railroad track

A 23-year-old Willis man was killed early Saturday after he was struck by a locomotive as he lay on railroad tracks in Montgomery County. Montgomery County court records indicate Schuck was assessed a $1,500 fine plus court costs in January after pleading guilty to a charge of resisting arrest, search or transport, a Class A misdemeanor.

Abortion fight returning to the Le...

Abortion fight returning to the Legislature on Sunday

AUSTIN - Texas Republicans are planning to force another vote Sunday on a controversial proposal to eliminate a provision allowing late-term abortions when the fetus has been found to have a severe abnormality that could make survival unlikely. An amendment filed Saturday by state Rep. Jonathan Stickland, R-Bedford, would force discussion on the proposal as part of a debate scheduled for Sunday on a bill to restructure the Texas Health and Human Services Commission. [...] he said he would consider pulling it down if the House takes up another anti-abortion measure, Senate Bill 575, to ban all insurance companies in Texas - even private insurers - from covering the procedure.

Senate okays public pension reform...

Senate okays public pension reform

Earlier this year, Moody's Investor Services, one of the "Big Three" agencies that issue bond ratings for states, issued a report saying Texas should deal with its pension liability or face rising costs and potential long-term credit rating issues. The Employees Retirement System covers around 230,000 active and retired state workers, elected officials, law enforcement and judges.
Amid break in heavy rains, Chesney...

Amid break in heavy rains, Chesney shines like beach vacation sun

Head 27/27 duisl ut lam on ip enibh el ing eumsan henit vullamet agd ero nullandreAmid break in week's heavy rainstorms, Chesney shines like beach vacation sun The stars seemed to align, literally, for Kenny Chesney's Friday night revival at BBVA Compass Stadium. The rain that drenched Houston much of the week and is expected this weekend took pause for the country superstar's energetic beach and beer anthems. Chesney took the stage in his signature straw hat, sleeveless shirt and perma-tan. The acoustics at BBVA Compass Stadium, however, aren't ideal for a concert.

Police capture suspect who stole c...

Police capture suspect who stole car with special needs woman inside

The woman's mother told Houston police the man grabbed her Chevrolet Impala about 12:30 p.m. Friday when she went inside a McDonald's restaurant at 185 West Road near the North Freeway. The man is facing charges of aggravated robbery and felony evading arrest in a motor vehicle.


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