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Making An Independent Decision

Making An Independent Decision

I am not an avid NBA fan, but I keep up with the game and know most of the key players and top teams. Clearly LeBron James is the dominate player in the NBA today. What’s interesting to me, is the decision he made a few years ago to leave Cleveland and take his skills [...]
Fiercely Loyal: How High Performing...

Fiercely Loyal: How High Performing Companies Develop and Retain Top Talent

by Dv Baron The number one problem facing business today is loss of top talent. Ninety-one percent of Millennials?those workers born between 1980 and 2004?expect to stay in their current job fewer than three years. Companies can?t afford that kind of turnover as many studies show that the total cost of losing an employee can [...]


DSN Newswire Live Happy Magazine Invites Dallas Residents to Make their Mark with the #HappyActs Challenge Three years ago the United Nations established March 20 as the International Day of Happiness. Live Happy, the magazine driven by a mission to make the world a happier place joined in and led the largest awareness campaign, to [...]
Representative Yvonne Davis Announc...

Representative Yvonne Davis Announces $500,000 2015-2016 Urban Scholarship Fund

DSN Newswire State Representative Yvonne Davis (D-Dallas) announced that over $500,000 in scholarships are available for high school graduates from Dallas and twenty eight other urban areas throughout Texas. Administrated by the Texas Association of Developing Colleges (TADC), the Urban Scholarship Program was created during the 74th Legislative session as part of House Bill 2128 [...]
The Quick Guide On How To Price You...

The Quick Guide On How To Price Your Ebook

By Kim Staflund Amazon Vs. Kobo: Which Is Better For Price And Value? Last year, a major milestone was reached in the ebook industry: self-published authors began taking home the bulk of all author earnings generated on Amazon.com, eclipsing those represented by major traditional publishers. There has never been more opportunity in human history to [...]
$30.5M in ?Face Forward? grants ava...

$30.5M in ?Face Forward? grants available to help youth with juvenile records

DSN Newswire The initiative?s third phase continues program?s progress with helping youth gain job skills and start new careers. Youth who have been in the juvenile justice system often face numerous challenges as they attempt to enter the workforce and become productive citizens. The stigma that a juvenile record carries can close doors before they [...]


Texas Teen Killed At Boy Scout Camp...

Texas Teen Killed At Boy Scout Camp After Tree Falls On Tent

Powerful storms had rolled through the area downing multiple trees, including the one that fell on the boy's tent.
Carrollton Grandfather With Memory ...

Carrollton Grandfather With Memory Issues And Grandson Missing

The family said the grandfather left his phone at home.
Newborn Found Alive Near Dumpster I...

Newborn Found Alive Near Dumpster In Dallas

Dallas Police are searching for the mother of a newborn who was found on the ground next to a dumpster.
Suspect Shot, Killed After High Spe...

Suspect Shot, Killed After High Speed Chase In Dallas County

Police said the chase started in Mesquite and came to a crashing end in Dallas at I-635 near Garland Road.
Split Supreme Court Ruling On Racia...

Split Supreme Court Ruling On Racial Gerrymandering Divides North Texans

Texas Republicans praised and Democrats rejected the U.S. Supreme Court?s 5-4 ruling that the Texas Legislature did not purposely discriminate against minority voters when developing political boundaries.
Family Of Woman Murdered, Dumped Sa...

Family Of Woman Murdered, Dumped Say She Was Domestic Violence Victim

In her final days, Kelly Lawson was in the process of getting a protective order against her ex-boyfriend, according to a Fort Worth Police Department report.


$2 million wedding dress? Dallas we...

$2 million wedding dress? Dallas wedding planner dreams big

"U.S. military, fireman, police and wedding planner. In that order," Brown, owner of Donnie Brown weddings and events, said.

The Sunday-Only Chicken Sandwich at...

The Sunday-Only Chicken Sandwich at The Grape Should Be a Dallas Landmark

So you're here for the cheeseburger. You're not alone at Greenville's long-running bistro, and you haven't been for years.

Ofo Bikes (the Yellow Ones) Are on ...

Ofo Bikes (the Yellow Ones) Are on Their Way Out of Dallas

Less than a day after laying off 70 percent of its U.S.-based employees, dockless bike rental company ofo confirmed to the Dallas Observer on Thursday that it is pulling out of Dallas after less than a year in the city. The China-based company behind the thousands of yellow bikes that have littered Dallas streets, sidewalks and lakes is focusing its operation elsewhere in the United States, said Everett Weiler, the general manager of ofo Texas.

American Aquarium Is Still Bringing...

American Aquarium Is Still Bringing Blue-Collar Rock 'n' Roll to the Masses

The last time BJ Barham and his band made their way through Dallas, American Aquarium looked different from how it will appear when they return to town to play in the new Statler Ballroom on July 28. In February 2017, the band, comprised mostly of childhood friends, all called it quits after more than a decade of touring relentlessly. "When we started this thing, we were all on the same page with the same goals."

Things To Do in Dallas This Weekend...

Things To Do in Dallas This Weekend: July 19-22

So excited to start the weekend there's no time to write a proper introduction or properly punctuate this post let's go have fun bye. Perhaps you've already read this collection of microfiction by Dallas authors, the second such package D Magazine has published.

170 milk? UT Dallas experiment cook...

170 milk? UT Dallas experiment cooks food in scorching hot car

If 170-degree milk and tomato slices sun-dried on a car's dashboard don't scream "Texas summer," I'm not sure what does. That was the scene Wednesday in a Richardson parking lot, as a team from the University of Texas at Dallas set out to demonstrate just how powerful the heat can be inside a car.


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